Organizing for Instruction

Madison Metropolitan School District

The math hour is organized to keep the focus on important mathematical activities. The blocks are
  1. Problem Solving
  2. Number Work or Inspecting Equations
  3. Fluency & Maintenance

  • Problem solving is at the heart of math instruction. Problems may have a context, be posed about ways to fill shapes or construct three-dimensional objects.
  • Number work: asks students to think about numbers themselves, without a story context and most often is done using mental calculations. Follow the link, for more detailed information on number work/talk.
  • Inspecting equations, students analyze ways in which equations communicate equality relationships.
  • Fluency & Maintenance, the fourth block of instruction, focuses on independent mathematical work. When students are able to use their new knowledge and skills independently, they need practice in order to develop fluency.

For more information on Organizing Instruction in 4 blocks see CESA Wisconsin


Problem Solving

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Number Work

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Fluency & Maintenance