The Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators (MAISA) is coordinating the development of model units for grade levels K-11 around the Common Core State Standards for Math.The MAISA CCSS Mathematics Curriculum Materials are designed to support districts as they work to implement the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. A primary purpose of these materials is to provide resources to help teachers create opportunities for students to build connections within and among mathematical ideas in increasingly sophisticated ways.

The curriculum materials are designed to:
  • be professional development tools to improve educators' understanding of CCSS.
  • organize the CCSS into mathematically coherent and sequenced units of study that make viable connections among mathematical ideas. They are not designed to prescribe a single pathway through a unit of study.
  • provide a context for conversations among colleagues within and across grades.

The MAISA Mathematics Leadership Team recognizes that it cannot and does not need to duplicate the extraordinary time, planning, expertise, and funding that is necessary to build a complete set of coherent instructional materials. As such, the MAISA CCSS Mathematics Curriculum Materials are not intended to replace research-based instructional materials but rather to suggest features that teachers should look for in a program that is well-aligned to the CCSS and to suggest ways in which implementing the Common Core extends well beyond providing teachers a new checklist of content expectations or lessons.

Prior to implementing, teachers will need to discuss where these units fit within current instructional materials and make appropriate adjustments to incorporate them in their classrooms. Changes may be required in the lessons and/or assessments they currently use to support alignment to a particular unit of study. Teachers will need to be attentive to the Standards for Mathematical Practice and the use of mathematical tools (e.g., technology) in addition to the mathematical content in the unit of study. Following implementation teachers will need time to discuss their experiences using the new unit of study. These could be cross-grade level conversations to emphasize embedded mathematical trajectories.

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