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Major Work of Grade Levels (Focus)

In order to preserve the focus and coherence of the Common Core State Standards, grade level clusters have been designated as major, additional, or supporting. The major clusters comprise the major work of each grade level and should make up a majority (approximately 75%) of instructional time. In addition, major work should especially predominate in the first half of the year. Supporting work should enhance the focus and coherence by engaging students, when possible, in connections to the major work of the grade level.

Progressions (Coherence)

The Common Core State Standards in mathematics (CCSS-M) were built on developmental progressions of how students move through successive refinements from informal to complex ideas.The following printable pdf's demonstrate developmental progressions organized by domain across grade levels.

Progression of Addition and Subtraction - video demonstrating the progressions across the grade levels

3 Pillars of First Grade Math
More progression resources


Interactive Whiteboard Developing Number Sense & Equivalence
Math Centers/Games
Kentucky Center for Mathematics

Problem Solving

Explore materials, aligned to the CCSSM standards and tasks you can use immediately with your students. Note that you can make use of these standards through searching by grade level as well as by progression.
Inside Mathematics

The Illustrative Mathematics Project will provide guidance by illustrating the range and types of mathematical work that students will experience in a faithful implementation of the Common Core State Standards, and by publishing other tools that support implementation of the standards
Illustrative Mathematics

Mathematics & Children's Literaturea list of children's books and the concepts that they teach

Common Core Math Tasks by Domain

NCTM Illuminations

Adding and Subtracting

Cognitively Guided Instruction Resources
NCTM Illuminations Let's Count to 20 Unit
Addition Facts Strategies.doc

Measurement & Geometry

A Learning Trajectory for Shape
Measurement Concepts
Stephan & Clements, 2003 Yearbook
Common Geometry Terminology
van Hiele Mdels of Geometric Thinkingaaaaaaaaa

Pattern Blocks

NCTM Patch Tool
Build a Yellow Hexagon Lessonaaaaaaaaaa
Hexagon Activity Sheet
Hexagon Pattern Sheet
Pattern Block template
Pattern Block Pictures Set 1
Pattern Block Pictures Set 2
More Pattern Block designs
Pattern Block Barrier Game
Shape Robot
Shapes from Shapes Lesson
Shapes, Shapes, Shapes
Sorting Shapes
I Have Who Has Shape Cards
Shape Poem
Shape Sort
Investigating Shapes -Triangles
I've Seen That Shape Before

How would you Measure a Puddle Lessonaaaa
Case Study - Puddle
Jagged Path
Geometry Activities
Measurment Activities.

Assessment Resources