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Common Core State Standards

Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
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Myths vs. Facts

The CCSS-M include eight mathematical practices which describe the thinking skills specific to mathematics. The following graphic represents a grouping of the eight mathematical practices.
Mathematical Practice Graphic.pdf


The Common Core State Standards in mathematics (CCSS-M) were built on developmental progressions of how students move through successive refinements from informal to complex ideas. Narrative documents describing the progression of a domain across multiple grade levels, informed both by research on children's cognitive development and by the logical structure of mathematics can be found at the link below.
Progression Documents

This website is designed to elaborate the "scientific basis" of learning trajectories research and link to the Common Core State Standards. Unpacked descriptors describe students' movement from naive to sophisticated ideas by identifying bridging standards; underlying cognitive principles; student misconceptions, strategies and inscriptions; and models, related representations and contexts. Also, each learning trajectory includes a diagram that gives a Structural Overview of the standards and descriptors within.
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The following printable pdf's demonstrate developmental progressions organized by domain across grade levels
K-5th Quantity, Measurement & Data aaaa aaaaaaaa
K-5th Numeration, Operations & Algebra
K-5th Geometry
6th - 8th Ratio & Proportional Relationships & Percent
6th -12th Algebra, Algebraic Reasoning & Functions
6th - 12th Statistics & Probability
6th - 12th Geometry
9th - 12th Number and Quantity


Assessment Resources


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