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CCSS Progressions
Michael Battista describes "Critical Components to Understanding Fractions" in the first chapter of his book Cognition Based Assessment & Teaching of Fractions.

The CCSS follow learning progressions which support Battista's Critical Components. The following excerpt of Numeration, Operations and Algebraic Thinking highlights the development of fractions in the standards.

Developing Fraction Concepts
This article includes descriptions of foundational fraction concepts and activities that explore how to effectively teach those concepts.

Fraction Models
There is substantial evidence to suggest that the use of models in fractions tasks is important. The following document describes three types of models.
Models of Fractions

Virtual Models

Region or Area Model aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Length or Measurement Model aaaaaaaaaaaaa

Set Model
NCTM Fun with Pattern Block Fractions aaa
Geoboard Lesson(video)

NCTM Illuminations Equivalent Fractions APP
Equivalent Fractions APP on Itunes
APP Video tutorial
NCTM Fun with Fractions
Cuisenaire Template
CBA Number Line Worksheet #21
Fraction Number Lines
Fraction Strip Templates aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Bead Strings

NCTM Eggsactly with Fractions
Linking Cubes Set Model
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tasks that can be used with multiple models

Closest To 25
Decomposing Fractions

Web Games to Develop Meaning and Fluency

NCTM Fraction Tracks
Math Playground Part Part Whole

Fraction Computation

Adding Fractions - Developing Image Based Reasoning and Moving to Symbolic Fraction Computation

‚ÄčThe following video is based on Cognition Based Assessment and Teaching of Fractions by Michael Battista

Dividing Fractions

Below are links to articles that discuss developing students' conceptual understanding of dividing fractions.
Dividing Fractions

Example Fraction Instructional Units

3rd Grade - Georgia Department of Education

4th Grade - Georgia Department of Education

5th Grade - Georgia Department of Education

The Georgia Department of Education developed CCGPS Mathematics framework units under a grant from the U. S. Department of Education. For access to all units and curriculum maps please use the link below.

Other Example Units